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Department Nickname: Orange Cat

Weaponry: HELLCAT, UMP40, Taser, Zip-ties

Age: 32

Occupation: Police Detective. LAST Officer

TILA 7 Orange Cat.png

Adeline Huang is a Chinese & Vietnamese-American detective assigned to investigate triad activity. Adeline is short-tempered, disillusioned, and burnt-out. She’s underpaid and constantly harassed by her parents for never pursuing a rich husband. Before, she was a patrol officer with everything to prove for. Her big break was solving a scandalous murder case involving a business tycoon and a secret bastard child. Adeline was promoted to a detective position.


Adeline notices her investigation of the White Dragon Triad is ultimately meaningless. Little Asia is corrupted by triad influence, so Adeline is coerced to stop her investigations behind closed doors. She later realizes her promotion is nothing more than a political gesture to uphold a diversity clause in the city's police department. Adeline became corrupt herself to cope with her meaningless job.

The “Blue Tiger” vigilante catches the police’s attention. Since the vigilante affects triad activity, Adeline’s CO assigned her a new case: track down and arrest the "Blue Tiger". The case rekindled Adeline's fire to be the heroic police officer she was before. She refuses to let anything stop her.

Detective Adeline Huang (Orange Cat) Promo.png
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