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Age: 32

Occupation: Police Detective

Weaponry: M&P 9 Shield Plus

Adeline is the disillusioned detective working for Little Asia's Little Taipei District Police Department

(LA-LTPD). She investigates triad activity, but her latest mission is to arrest the Blue Tiger vigilante.

Adeline wasn't always jaded. She started as an ambitious cop in a male-dominated precinct. Within her first year, Adeline solved a scandalous case earning her promotion to a detective role.

Unfortunately Adeline realized her promotion was a disingenuious gesture filling a diversity quota in the police force with no hope of advancement under her current superiors. Since then, Adeline is stuck in a limbo unable to do meaningful arrests due to the triad's corruption over the city government and police.

Now as a corrupt cop, Adeline grew numb to the city's rampant lawlessness. The emergence of the Blue Tiger reignites Adeline's spirit to dispense needed justice

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