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Vigilante Alias: Green Ox

Weaponry: Computers, Drones

Age: 22

Occupation: College Student, Forum Admin


Andy Sun is a Taiwanese & Korean-American who moved to Little Asia from Long Beach. Andy is an easy-going dude, but all that goes away after witnessing obvious injustice. His sense of justice explodes from within him, but it was not without trial and error from his dark past. Whatever happened in Long Beach stays in Long Beach with him.

Andy had a bright future of becoming a professional track athlete, but all of that was taken away from him after crossing paths with the White Dragon Triad. Andy didn't know about how Little-Asians turn a blind eye to triad activity, so his assertiveness caught everyone's attention, especially Nina's. They both befriend each other afterword through shared interest fighting the triad.

After surviving a deadly incident with the triad, Andy became Nina's operator to compensate over his permanent injuries. He tracks down triad movements and plan engagements for Nina to accomplish. He also offers pep-talks to Nina whenever she's distressed with the triad or with bad people in her daily life. He slowly opens up to Nina about the error of his ways before he moved to Little Asia after seeing Nina fall into the same mistakes he made before.  

Andy Sun (Green Ox) Promo.png
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