Director | Producer | Storyboard | Animator 

 Character Design | Background | Layout | Illustrator | Editor 

Ryan Chu is a 1st generation Taiwanese-American living in a quiet suburban city in Southern California.


Aside from doing art stuff, he loves everything otter-related and is a weapon hobbyist that enjoys safe shooting at the range.

He completed his first animated short film, Deep Fears, at May 2020. Deep Fears is currently in the film festival circuit, and the short film reached a milestone of 50 accolades and selections in total so far.

Past Works:



 Music Composer 

Harvey Bergman has spent most of their life around music, growing up as the child of a self-taught composer, and grew to love music as a means to convey that which can't be through words alone.

From the videogames they play to the labels that inspire them, music has been integral to their life even in small ways. They've been producing independently for 10 years, and have made a few indie tracks, but this is their first group role as a lead composer.

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 Social Media Consultant 

Past Works:

Alex Bahrawy is an indie writer and creator of Wild Card, an adult, murder mystery show. As his day job, Alex works as the director of marketing and communications at a large non-profit organization in Boston, MA. He oversees all aspects of marketing for the organization, as well as for Wild Card.


When he's not actively working on his show, Alex enjoys hiking, playing video games, and traveling.



 Voice Actor (Nina) 

 Actress | Model | MC | Singer | Translator | Writer 

Leader Looi 雷 is a British-born Singaporean-Malaysian Hong-Kong-Chinese talent based in Tokyo, Japan. Literally born from thunder 雷, Looi is a force to be reckoned with.


Having graduated from world-renowned Central Saint Martins in 2019, Looi has honed many creative crafts since young; currently choosing to focus mainly on voice over. When (if) time allows, Looi also hopes to resume working on her own personal music, writing and modeling projects.

Past Works:

Ryan Do_79324329_2601017509964648_870507


 Voice Actor (Draco) 

Ryan Do is a 1st Generation Vietnamese-American voice actor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Being drawn to perform from an early age, Ryan found voice acting as a medium to balance his passion for the arts while also maintaining his studies.


With experience in the Philadelphia Young Playwrights and Beijing Opera, these skills helped bring him to where he is today as a multimedia producer.


Having experience in video games, animations, web-series, and narration, voice over is a dream come true for Ryan.

Past Works:



 Voice Actress (Kiyoko) 


Kaho Akiya is an illustrator based in Orange County. She graduated California State University, Long Beach in 2019 with a BFA in Illustration.

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 Voice Actor (Mr. Wang) 

 Script Writer | Modder | Dentist | Illustrator 


A humble dabbler in the field of voice acting. Always had the love for the arts and took too long to venture into it.

Origin; a small little country called Malaysia. Spent a long time, perhaps too much time, growing up watching television and reenacting favourite scenes like the silly kid he was.


Always had been in interested in the arts field but had that interest put to the side for more "serious" work and studies. Alas, he had only recently started my voicework adventure. Nonetheless, Joe aspire to improve and expand voicework career, and at the same time, explore and discover other talents as well.

Past Works:

FB_IMG_1607223646913 - Joshua Cookingham


 Voice Actor (Chipper Man) 

 Writer | Artist | Singer | Guitar Player 

Joshua Cookingham is a professional voice actor based out of North Carolina. He has been in the field for over three years and has already lent his voice to many animations, video games, and audio books.

The most recent role of his war in Brok: The InvestiGator; an adventure game with a prologue recently released on Steam. Joshua also narrated the release trailer for the game too.

He is very pleased to be part of Trouble in Little Asia.

Past Works:



 Voice Actor (Mr. Dong, Triad Guard 1, and Triad Extra) 

Ly-Bach Truong.png


 Voice Actor (Logan) 

 Waiter | Traveler | Substitute Teacher 

Ly-Bach Truong is a 2nd Generation Vietnamese-American who was born and raised in Orange County, California.

Ly's hobbies include reading, running, traveling, and trading.

His bucket list includes backpacking Asia and Europe, learning how to play the piano, and jumping out of airplanes.



 Voice Actor (Detective Huang) 

Molly Zhang is a Chinese-American voice actress based in Texas with a love for storytelling, watermelon, and big dogs. When not trapped inside a padded booth, Molly is often found playing MMOs or cramming for her pharmacology class.

She also enjoys any excuse to screech out a Toad impression, though her roommates enjoy it far less.

Past Works:



 Voice Actor (Detective Xu and Triad Extra) 

20201109_151756 - Eddy Yeung.jpg


 Voice Actor (Triad Guard 2 & Triad Extra) 

Eddy Yeung is a bilingual voice actor based in Hong Kong. Having grown up in an international city, Eddy has had the chance to interact with a plethora of people from all walks of life. Prior to acting, he was a speech analyst and research assistant for the University of Hong Kong.


When not in the booth, you can find him working out at the gym, trying out new food, or just playing video games at home!

Past Works:

Mark Lee - Headshot 1.jpg


 Voice Actor (Triad Extra) 

Mark Lee is a Filipino-Chinese American voice actor based in the greater-NYC area.


Mark graduated from Brown University with a double-degree in Theater Arts and Neuroscience (yes, he knows it's an odd combo!). Following college, he continued to pursue acting in NYC, taking acting classes at several different studios including The Barrow Group and Hyperbolic Audio. He also studies Improv at the People's Improv Theater.

Outside of voice acting, he loves playing video games and playing volleyball!



 Voice Actor (Triad Extra) 

Muhammad Sharul Bin Shahrin (a.k.a. Lucian Aryeh) is a local Bruneian seeking to expand his acting experiences overseas through online voice acting and video editing (i.e. Youtube).

Lucian loves theatre that includes musicals and classics. He also enjoys playing various games in his spare time as well as recording gameplays and editing them.

He is studying in the University of Brunei Darussalam for an English degree. He acted in local theatres, short films, and self-recorded skits for fun. Most of his acting knowledge derives from his readings on Stanislavski's books and other American practitioners.

Past Works:

  • "Adventures of Tik Tik" Pop Up Dungeon (2020)

    • Voice Actor (Chanda)

Savio Shi Profile Image.jpg


 Voice Actor (Triad Extra) 


Savio Shi is an actor from Hong Kong fluent in English and Cantonese.

He has been involved in local musical productions organized by the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts and other local theater groups. He's a member of his school's drama team and received a Best Actor award for his performance in the annual EMI Drama Fest. He also has performed in several TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) dramas.

Past Works:



 Voice Actor (Triad Extra) 

 Singer | Songwriter | Music Producer | Music Teacher | Performer 

Jason Nguyen is a 2nd-generation Vietnamese-American based in Orange and

San Bernardino County. He aims to integrate his faith and culture in all he does.

Jason started playing classical piano at a young age. In his teens, he began to write original songs. Now, he plays a handful of instruments and produces under the pseudonym, Cog Agog.

A recent graduate of UC Irvine’s PharmSci program, Jason is currently attending Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy.

In his spare time, Jason plays D&D. You’ll never guess his class.



 Voice Actor (Triad Extra) 




Voice Actress (Nina)


Voice Actor (Draco)


Voice Actress (Detective Huang)

Illustrator | Concept Artist


Voice Actor (Detective Xu)



Voice Actor (Triad Extra)

Illustrator | Decal Designer


Voice Actor (Triad Extra)

Animator | Illustrator


Voice Actor (Triad Extra)

3D Modeler | D.I.Y. Hobbyist