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Vigilante Alias: Red Dragon

Weaponry: TYPE54, TYPE56, M4A1

Age: 46

Occupation: Hitman, Ex-Triad Red Pole


Draco Chen is a Hongkonger hitman and life-long member of the notorious White Dragon Triad. He was adopted into the triad as a child after saving a senior triad member's life in his uncle's restaurant. Through their tutelage, Draco became a model member of the White Dragon Triad: a man of great strength, cruelty, and pride.

The triad directed Draco and fellow Red Poles to expand into the United States, starting in Little Asia. As everyone enjoyed their newfound fortune of opportunity and growth, the Red Poles considered to sever ties with the main triad group. Their influence over the city is enough for them to break off. Draco was too late to notice their treachery, and he discovered that not only the new White Dragon Triad was too big to stop on his own, he was a loose end in their eyes as the triad's golden boy.

Draco sought out Nina's help after witnessing her vigilante work. He knows that he can't take on the triad alone, so he offered a truce with Nina offering invaluable information about the triad and its weaknesses. Draco becomes Nina's armorer, firearms trainer, and martial arts teacher. He aims to turn Nina and her team into efficient killing machines.

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