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Age: 46

Occupation: Triad Enforcer, Hitman

Weaponry: TYPE 54

Draco Chen is the last surviving member of the Red Dragon Triad in the United States. He was brutally stabbed by Hana with a screwdriver that left a nasty scar on the left side of his face. He was believed to be dead after the encounter, leading the Red Dragon Triad's boss to pursue Hana and George. The triad was wiped out with Hana and George disappearing

Draco moved on to become a wandering hitman-for-hire in Southern California. He ends up in Little Asia to confront the White Dragon Triad. He witnesses how they prospered after his triad's demise.


He discovers that Nina, the daughter of Hana and George, is still alive. After witnessing Nina's vigilante work, he reaches out to her help to take down the White Dragon Triad with promises of true strength and power.

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