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Kim Yong-Sook is a Korean immigrant and famous K-Pop singer. Kim reached stardom at the young age of 17. His songs about love, loneliness, sadness, and hope are known throughout East Asia. Kim took a break from his singing career to serve his compulsory military service for the South Korean army. Kim's marksmanship had high marks which impressed his peers.


As a squad marksman, he served two more years to assist the South Korean military in security assistance for Afghanistan. He befriend an Italian ally soldier from the Bersaglieri regiment during his campaign. His friend unfortunetly did not survive. Kim returned home, and after a few years he with other K-Pop singers moved to Little Asia to break into the US music industry. 

As Kim establishes his brand in Little Asia, his manager became greedy. His manager has information that can ruin Kim's career and the people in his life. He blackmails Kim to assassinate rival singers and their managers in order to gain majority hold over the city's K-Pop industry. Kim proceeded with the assassinations slowly. After hearing about the "Blue Tiger", he sought out their help in hopes of being saved.

Kim Yong-Sook (Gold Rooster) Promo.png

Vigilante Alias: Gold Rooster

Weaponry: M14 DMR, MP9

Age: 26

Occupation: K-Pop Singer, Performer

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