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Age: 53

Occupation: Landlord

Malcom Hart Promo.png

Malcolm Jones is a Black American and Nina Hsiang's godfather. He was born in Little Asia's Little Taipei District, but he later moved to East Los Angeles to escape the racial mistreatment he experienced. He served in the LAPD as an accountant for a few years. During his offtime, he volunteered in his local neighborhood watch program. Malcolm meet Nina's parents through the program and became good friends with them. They chose him to be Nina's godfather if anything happened to them.

He became Nina's legal guardian after her parents were arrested for vigilante crimes in Los Angeles. Malcolm hoped that moving Nina to Little Asia will be a great place for her to grow up. It turned out that being Nina's parent wasn't easy. Malcolm and Nina were interrogated every time he took Nina to a public cultural event. He stopped trying to enrich Nina of her cultural background after he was accused of kidnapping with the police involved.  

Malcolm is currently the owner of Nomad Apartments. He lets Nina be his assistant landlord to provide her a part-time job. Every few months, Malcom takes Nina to visit her parents in prison. He hopes to guide Nina to lead a better life.

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