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Vigilante Alias: Blue Tiger

Weaponry: C9, G19, Telescopic Pole

Age: 22

Occupation: College Student, Assistant Landlord


Nina Hsiang is a Taiwanese-American tomboy stuck living in a confused identity between her Asian and American heritage. Nina lives with her estranged godfather Malcolm Jones. Malcolm's distant parenting made Nina grow up emotionally alone as a restrained, shy person. Past incidents of exploding rage haunts her to this day. Nina keeps to herself and follows her godfather's rules avoiding the city's night markets and events.

After witnessing a personal tragedy caused by the White Dragon Triad, Nina takes it upon herself to stand up against them when no one has. She puts her ferocity to good use saving a fellow peer from death. The city heard of her actions and praises her as a local hero. She becomes known as the "Blue Tiger" for her striped blue jacket and her aggressive fighting style.

Through Nina’s city-trotting journey fighting the triad, she exposes herself to Little Asia's diverse community. Her unique perspective sees the good, the bad, and the ugly of who Asian-Americans are and how their experiences define them. Nina will soon make her own discovery of who she is.

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