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Alan Wen is a Chinese-American Enforcement and Removal Operations officer working for the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. He is one of the youngest and brightest agents operating in the city. It's a job he enjoys, but a little too much. More American than Asian, he believes in the Western way of life over all. For that Alan has been nicknamed the "Blue Monkey" amongst his peers as an ironic reference to a Chinese folklore.

Alan clashed with Little Asia's minority groups on several occasions. ICE has been receiving multiple complaints for the mistreatment and racist actions against Hispanic immigrants. ICE denied wrongdoing and Alan made no comment.

The vigilantes caught Alan's attention after they freed trafficked immigrants from the triad. Alan believed the vigilantes are armed activists, but he realizes that the vigilantes are a bigger threat than he thought. He has called for backup from his superiors, leading ICE to establish a limited partnership with the Little Asia Police Department. He targets the "Blue Tiger" vigilante and her allies in a high-stakes manhunt. 

Special Agent Alan Wen (Blue Monkey) Promo.png

Department Nickname: Blue Monkey

Weaponry: B96D, HK416D

Age: 28

Occupation: ERO Officer

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