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Who is TROUBLE IN LITTLE ASIA aimed towards?

The show is for Asian Americans who want to be represented as people, not computer geeks, exotic sidekicks, dragon ladies, or mythical creatures who transform into a dragon-tiger-panda-whatchamacallit.

It's a series that represents Asian Americans compromising between their Asian and American identities within an action-packed story of vigilantes fighting a brutal triad.

The show is also for animation fans who hunger for a fresh stylish action thriller story that is character-driven with a strong female anti-hero lead.

Is TILA for kids or for adults?

The show is aimed for an adult audience (+16) containing bloody violence, language, and topics regarding racism and trauma.

Is a pilot being worked on?

A pilot is being worked on as you read this! We aim to release within 2024.

How can I support and/or help this show?

Follow our social media to get updated with the project's progress. Our Discord and Patreon will publicly release soon! Merch will be available soon.

What to do fanart? Sure, go ahead. @ us using #troubleinlittleasia or #tila!

Openings for animation, voice acting, post-production, and other roles will be posted on our social media soon, but you can always reach out to us directly if interested at

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