Age: 22

Vigilante Alias: Blue Tiger

Weaponry: Telescopic Pole and B-70 Jaguar

Nina Hsiang is an ABC (American-born Chinese/Taiwanese) who struggles to find belonging due to her mixed heritage and Americanized upbringing. She was raised by her African-American godfather, Malcolm Hart.

Nina struggles with loneliness and attachment issues. Due to her loneliness, she struggles knowing how to deal with her hardships in a healthy way. She becomes verbally and physically aggressive when frustrated.

After witnessing a personal tragedy, she took it upon herself to take on the White Dragon Triad when no one has. There she finds a sense of belonging through her acts of vigilante heroism, but she question herself if she's doing this for the greater good or for selfish action.


Age: 22

Vigilante Alias: Green Ox

Weaponry: Computers, Drones, and M-6 Survival Rifle


Andy Sun is a Half Taiwanese and Half Korean-American who

partnered with Nina to fight against the White Dragon Triad.

Andy was a track athlete on a full-ride scholarship, but all of it was taken away when he defended a food vendor from the White Dragon Triad. His spine was permanently damaged and his left leg was cut off in retaliation.

Originally, he was self-centered because of his success in athleticism and the fans he gained from it. He becomes more contemplative and supportive. The trauma took a heavy toll on Andy's mental and physical state. He gets easily anxious, and he gained weight in his new confined livelihood. With more time on his hands, he's regretful of his past actions.



Age: 22

Vigilante Alias: White Fox

Weaponry: Katana, Throwing Knives, and Snake Slayer 


Kiyoko Nakahara is a Japanese-American born as an

American Nisei (second generation Japanese-American). She owns a domesticated pet fox, Konyo, who was saved from a fur farm.

Kiyoko quickly becomes Nina's best friend after finding out she goes to the same college and fights the triad too. She operated as the lone "White Fox" vigilante after Konyo was assaulted by the White Dragon Triad. Her attempts to fight against the triad was too overwhelming for her to handle alone.

A college clique reveres Kiyoko, but she's self-aware to know it's only because of their liking of Japanese pop culture, not because of who she is. She starts to hang out with Nina because she feels like she can be herself.



Age: 46

Vigilante Alias: Red Dragon

Weaponry: Molotovs, Type-54, HP9-1, Type-56, and CQ-556 


Draco Chen is a hitman and ex-enforcer of the

White Dragon Triad. He joined the triad during his childhood,

and he finally leaves because of leadership disagreements.

Draco sought after Nina's help after witnessing her capabilities. He knows that he can't reform the triad alone, so he decides to take control by killing the leadership with the help of Nina and her friends. He promises if they help him gain control, he'll keep the triad underground.

With Draco's help, he provides valuable intel, a safe house, black market equipment, and his outrageous opinions on certain topics. Draco also helps Nina become a more capable killer with firearm and CQC training.




Age: 21

Vigilante Alias: Blue Mouse

Weaponry: Model-3 and Grenades


Logan Chang is a Half Tawainese and Half Hongkonger-American otaku. He is one of Nina's old childhood friends.

Logan appreciates Nina for who she is, but he fails to commit supporting her regularly. His heavy interests in anime puts a strain on their friendship.

Logan accidently gets involved in vigilantism after Nina saves him from the White Dragon Triad. He realizes that fighting the triad is important to Nina, so he wants to help in anyway he can.

He's useless in a fight, so Draco starts training him to become a quick-drawing killing machine. Unknowingly, Draco has big plans for Logan.



Age: 28

Vigilante Alias: Yellow Snake

Weaponry: Whip and Anesthetics


Tien Bui is a Vietnamese-American family doctor and therapist.

She lived in a strict household with helicopter parenting. After freeing herself from her family, Tien realized that her opportunity of self-growth was effectively stolen for the sake of her family's goals. 

Tien was inspired by Nina being the "Blue Tiger". So much so she becomes a vigilante herself. She gained notoriety as the lone "Yellow Snake", leaving her enemies drugged or paralyzed. Tien discovers Draco's safe house and requests to join their team. They were impressed enough to let her join.

She offers her counseling services to the team, with Nina as her only participant. There she learns of Nina's loneliness and need for belonging. 




Age: 26

Vigilante Alias: Gold Rooster

Weaponry: Binoculars, MP-9, and M-14 DMR

Kim Yong-Sook is a Korean immigrant and K-Pop singer. He moved to Little Asia to promote himself in the US music industry. 

Kim reached stardom at a young age. His work is known throughout East Asia and the United States. He also served in South Korea's compulsory military service; he was highly praised for his marksmanship. 

His manager became greedy. To dominate the city, he blackmails Kim to assassinate his competitors and their managers. The secret his manager is blackmailing with would destroy him. He sought after the vigilantes' help after they discover him operating as the infamous "Gold Rooster" assassin.    

Age: 22

Vigilante Alias: Red Rabbit

Weaponry: Cuffs and PPK

Kanan Min is a Half Tibetan and Half Chinese-American who's

one of Nina's oldest friends. Nina regularly walks Kanan home.

Kanan's mother passed away leaving her abusive father to care for her. Her father later died of alcohol poisoning. With no family to support her, Kanan dropped out of college. She started working at a maid café to earn money.

Nina neglected walking with Kanan because of her vigilante pursuits. Kanan was attacked by a White Dragon Triad member. She accidently kills him that heavily traumatized her. Kanan becomes fed up with her tragic life, and becomes a femme fatale murdering bad men. She makes more money through vigilantism anyways.




Age: 32

Police Department Nickname: Orange Cat 

Weaponry: Taser, Zip Ties, Collapsible Club, and Hellcat


Adeline Huang is a Half Chinese and Half Vietnamese-American

detective who's assigned to investigate triad and vigilante activity. She constantly fails to capture Nina and her team which contributes to her short temper. 

Adeline have faithfully served in the police force for years, but rampant corruption and gruesome cases have caused her to become jaded and morally corrupt. The feeling of power only pushes her.

Markis Xu was recently assigned to her as her partner. She views Markis as a communist boy scout, but his genuine belief in true justice challenges her reality of corruption and violence.



Age: 34

Police Department Nickname: White Dog

Weaponry: Taser, Collapsible Club, Zip Ties, Glock-22, and M-1014

Markis Xu is a Chinese immigrant and ex-People's Liberation Army

officer. He renounced his Chinese citizenship after a tragedy within the PLA. He became disillusioned of his service and leaves China entirely.

Markis moved to Little Asia and worked his way up in the Little Taipei Police Department. He to become a detective, and he's assigned as Adeline's partner to investigate triad and vigilante activity.

He hopes to be a model example of lawful justice, but his dealings with Adeline and the corrupted police department challenges him. Markis' confrontations with Nina also questions his ideas of justice.



Age: 51

Weaponry: Fists and Knife

Mr. Wang is a triad vanguard in the White Dragon Triad. He's established in the Little Asia's Little Taipei district as a small director of triad operations.

Mr. Wang is Draco's superior. He is one of many notorious triad members in the public scene; he coined the phrase, "no one messes with the Wang men" every time he or his men feel like they're being messed with. People are confused if Mr. Wang is self-aware that he's using his name as a pun, but people are too scared to ask.

Mr. Wang became a target from Draco's suggestion. He and his men were indirectly involved with Andy's incident, so the vigilantes intend to give what's coming to him. They hope to find valuable intel off of his office too.


Age: 48

Weaponry: His Best Smile

Family man, humanist, and volunteer cuddler at a pet shelter, the Chipper Man is

a beloved figure in an upscale neighborhood in Little Asia's Central district.

Mr. Wang put out a hit on the Chipper Man, and Draco was the one to do it. He interrupted the Chipper Man's birthday party for his son by shooting his guts out in front of everyone.  

Draco justifies taking out the Chipper Man despite everyone's disgust. He doesn't know how the Chipper Man got involved with Mr. Wang and the White Dragon Triad, but Draco has the feeling that the guy is something more than he presents himself in public.


Age: 52

Weaponry: None

Malcom Hart is Nina Hsiang's godfather. He took care of Nina after her parents were imprisoned for vigilante crimes. Malcom hoped that moving Nina to Little Asia will be a great place for her to grow up in.

Being Nina's parent wasn't easy. Malcom and Nina were ridiculed and interrogated every time he took Nina to a public event. He stopped trying to enrich Nina of her cultural background after he was accused of kidnapping which led the police being involved.  

Malcom is currently the owner of Little Taipei's Nomad Apartment. He lets Nina be his assistant landlord to provide her a part time job. For every other month, Malcom takes Nina to visit her parents in prison. He hopes that he influences Nina to be better than them.