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Andy Yang (Green Ox) Website Bio Edit.png

Age: 22

Occupation: College Student

Weaponry: GLOCK 26

Andy is your typical American-born Chinese who grew up in mainland Southern California. His family pushed him to study in Little Asia in hopes he becomes more in tune with his own people. Andy becomes the new tenant to Nomad Apartments neighboring Nina and Malcolm. He befriends Nina after her offer to take him out to the night market for Lunar New Year.

He is enthusiastic of Little Asia and the city's offerings after living in a non-Asian environment his whole life. The city's kowtowing culture to the ruling White Dragon Triad is unacceptable to him. In the past, he failed to save someone's life when he had an opportunity. Andy sees resisting the triad as redemption of his shameful restraint.

As Nina's first supporter and vigilante partner as the "Green Ox", they both embark on their journey to fight the White Dragon Triad head on.

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