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TILA 14 Black Pig_edited.png
Sergeant Christopher Zhao (Black Pig) Promo.png

Department Nickname: Grey Pig

Weaponry: MGL, USP45, Zip-ties

Age: 51

Occupation: Police Sergeant, LAST Officer

Christopher Zhao is a Chinese & Singaporean-American police sergeant serving the Little Asia Police Department. He is a fatherly figure in his precinct with an unusual method of leadership. Christopher takes quality time to order personalized direction for each of his peers while keeping up with their personal lives. He is also a participating officer for the elite Little Asia's SWAT Team (LAST). At his time, his precinct was one of the best-performing precincts in the city, but that was before the White Dragon Triad corrupted Little Asia's city government.

Now Christopher's precinct is in the decline along with its best and most senior detective, Adeline Huang, losing faith. He agrees that something must be done for the low morale and triad activity, but he's powerless against the lax treatment the city government enforces. All he could do is to keep upholding what little authority they can enforce.

The "Blue Tiger" vigilante enamored Christopher. His faith in the city was renewed seeing how a single individual takes the law into their own hands. He was disappointed that the city ordered all precincts to crack down on vigilante activity, but he has a job to do. He is anxious to meet the "Blue Tiger" face to face one day.

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