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Hana and George Hsiang Wesbite Bio Edit.png



Age: 36 and 35

Occupation: Gunsmith and IT Technician,

Neighborhood Watch Volunteers

Weaponry: ADM UIC, CZ75 Compact

Hana and George Hsiang are the two most unlikely couple everyone have ever met. A fiery gunsmith and a shy IT guy ended up with each other after joining the Monterey Park Neighborhood Watch Group (MPNWG). With Malcolm as her wingman, Hana married George. She thinks George's introvertiveness makes him cute.

After Nina was born, they settled down in a small neighborhood. They were concerned of Nina's safety after witnessing increased activities from the local Red Dragon Triad. The city government, the police, and even the watch group couldn't do much to fight against the triad. Hana then took justice to her own hands.

Hana and George became the Bonnie and Clyde of chaotic justice. They gone against the advices of their own watch group to the point they kicked them out. George tried his best to mediate Hana's anger, but in the end he goes along with her schemes. They believe the triad has to be dealt with for Nina to live a peaceful life. Unfortunately, their actions has forced them to abandon their lives and leave Nina to Malcolm.

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