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Vigilante Alias: White Fox

Weaponry: BACKUP, SP101, Katana

Age: 23

Occupation: College Student, Volunteer Animal Caretaker


Kiyoko Nakahara is a Japanese-American in the American Nisei group. Kiyoko is charming to everyone she meets. Her friendliness got her accepted into a influential student clique in college; she's able to gain lots of networking and student job opportunities most students aren't aware of. Despite all of her connections, Kiyoko feels lonely. Her interest in veterinary medicine and volunteer work at Little Tokyo's Fox Sanctuary bores her clique friends to death, so Kiyoko keeps to herself in order to fit in.

Kiyoko operated as the "White Fox" vigilante before Nina became the "Blue Tiger". The rise of White Dragon Triad forces and the increasing workload from her veterinarian studies forced Kiyoko to drop her vigilante role for the time being. When the "Blue Tiger" vigilante began appearing on the news, Kiyoko took it upon herself to confront the new vigilante. She appeared to Nina as a rival, but in a short time, they become best friends.

Nina introduces Andy to Kiyoko. All three of them combines their effort to fight against the triad and the college clique. Kiyoko finally feels like she can be more like herself being with Nina and Andy opening up about her liking to animal caretaking and fox trivia.

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