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TILA 5 Blue Mouse.png

Vigilante Alias: Blue Mouse


Age: 21

Occupation: College Student, Rideshare Driver

Logan Chang is a Taiwanese & Hongkonger-American otaku. Logan is one of Nina's childhood friends who reconnected with her in college. Nina was overwhelmed with how anime and "Japanese culture" took over Logan's personality. Logan is easy-going, yet ignorant to a lot of the realities outside of the topic. Nonetheless, Nina enjoys Logan's company and his jovial innocence. As much as Nina wants to treat Logan seriously, she can't help but view him as a child.

Logan unintentionally gets involved in Nina's vigilantism after he crosses paths with her and Kiyoko during a rideshare gig. He endangered himself after revealing their true identities in front of the triad unaware of their secrecy. Nina and Kiyoko was forced to kidnap Logan to Draco's secret safehouse base to hide him from the triad.

Draco forces Logan to become a vigilante after viewing his lazy, whiny antics. He becomes Logan's teacher, drill sergeant, and life coach to get his shit together. Everything that made Logan who he is disgusts Draco, so Logan is at the mercy of Draco's wrath and boomer-like critique all the time. Logan grows into a capable fighter to support the team, but without his slip-ups and his smaller areas of ignorance that slows down everyone to their annoyance.

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