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Department Nickname: White Dog

Weaponry: CZ75, M1014, Taser, Zip-ties

Age: 35

Occupation: Police Detective, LAST Officer

Detective Markis Xu (White Dog) Promo.png

Markis Xu is a Chinese immigrant-turned US citizen. Markis renounced his Chinese citizenship after experiencing a bloody tragedy within one of China's PLA units stationed in Galwan Valley. He became heavily disillusioned with his service and moved to the United States. He believed he's moving on to serve a better, more fair country. 

Markis moved to Little Asia and became a police officer. He quickly climbed the ranks as a model officer. After being promoted to detective, he was assigned to Adeline Huang as her partner. Through their partnership, he endures the dirtier side of law enforcement. 

Markis hopes to be a model example of lawful justice. His dealings with Adeline push him to do better. Her beliefs challenge Markis' stiff ideas of what justice is and what it means to be an officer of the law. Though Adeline mocks Markis for being a communist boy scout, she takes a liking to Markis' naiveté on bettering the police department through action and belief alone.  

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