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PI Matthew de Vera (Pink Goat) Promo.png

Department Nickname: Pink Goat

Weaponry: 2011P

Age: 42

Occupation: Private Investigator

Matthew De Vera is a Filipino-American retired federal investigator. Before his retirement, Matthew served for the US Department of Justice as an ATF agent. Throughout his career, he's beaten down by what he witnessed. After 15 years of service, Matthew retires from the government. He moved to Little Asia's Little Manila District in hopes to reconnect with his culture.

Retirement didn't help Matthew with his restlessness, so he begins to offer his investigation services as a freelance private investigator. His services proved invaluable in Little Asia due to the city's corruption and the ineffectual police department. Most of his cases dealt with the White Dragon Triad. He gained a favorable reputation with the locals and ally detectives, including Adeline and Markis. People coined the nickname "Pink Goat" for Matthew's stubbornness and his fashionable pink dress shirt. 

He assisted Nina and the vigilantes from time to time during his investigations. Before he becomes truly sympathetic with the vigilantes, a new case from a grieving family requests Matthew to bring the "Blue Tiger" vigilante to justice.

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