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Age: 22

Occupation: College Student, Assistant Apartment Landlord

Weaponry: CZ75 Compact, Telescoping Pole Baton

Nina is a Taiwanese-American sophomore college student living in Little Asia's Little Taipei District. Nina lives with her godfather and owner of Nomad Apartments, Malcolm Ward. She works as Malcolm's 

landlord assistant so he can keep her busy and isolated from the dangerous city. Unbeknownst to him, Nina sneaks off to local areas to learn more about her community and to teach herself how to shoot.

Nina grew up unacquanted of her cultural identity due to her parents being missing since childhood. Malcolm tried his best, but he fails to teach Nina her ethnic background including her own Chinese name.

After Malcolm was assaulted by the triad, Nina took it upon herself to take action. Influenced by distant memories of her parents' vigilante actions, Nina becomes the "Blue Tiger" vigilante to free the city from the triad. 

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