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Vigilante Alias: Red Rabbit

Weaponry: CW9

Age: 21

Occupation: College Student, Maid Cafe Waitress


Phoebe Tsai is a Chinese-American who's one of Nina's childhood friends. Phoebe and Nina have been close friends up to college; Nina regularly walks with her home. They share a dream that after graduation, they will get an apartment together as roommates and live however they want. Phoebe hopes to become a child psychologist to help children.

Phoebe has been struggling since her father passed away during her childhood. Phoebe is currently living with her abusive mother. Phoebe's timid behavior is due to her mother's passive-aggressiveness against her confidence and self-compassion. Her mother also puts all financial responsibility onto Phoebe, so Phoebe works at a shady maid café restaurant to pay off her tuition, her debts, and her mother's debts.      

As Nina falls deeper into vigilantism, she neglects to walk Phoebe home. One day, Phoebe was attacked, robbed, and beaten. Racked with guilt after hearing about the incident from Phoebe, Nina introduces her to the vigilante team. Through Nina's, and indirectly Draco's, tutelage, Phoebe grows to be a proficient vigilante. Unknowingly, Nina pushed Phoebe to a darker, violent path.

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