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Rashida Zakir (Green Horse) Promo.png

Department Nickname: Green Horse

Weaponry: Taser

Age: 28

Occupation: City Social Worker, Militia Volunteer

Rashida Zakir is an Uyghur immigrant-turned US citizen. She's amongst the few Uyghurs who escaped China during the beginning of their genocidal operations in the Xinjiang region. She finally arrived in Little Asia after months of background checks after scrutiny over her religious beliefs and ethnicity. It took a few more months to get situated in Little Asia's Little Taipei District. Rashida is left all alone in the city since her family was unable to escape with her. 

Rashida serves the city of Little Asia as a social worker in an experimental police department called Little Asia's Social Health Department (LASHD). She empathizes with LASHD's goals to rehabilitate over incarcerating, though in extreme cases she'll protect herself when needed with her armed assistant. Rashida will do anything in her power to keep situations non-violent. 

Nina and the vigilantes cross paths with Rashida during one of their missions dealing with one of many White Dragon Triad's victims. Rashida supports their civic effort in freeing the city from the triad's influence, but she is disgusted with Nina's approach. She warns Nina that they're only stoking the flames.

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