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Vigilante Alias: Yellow Snake

Weaponry: BYRNA, Whip, Anesthetics

Age: 27

Occupation: Family Physician


Tien Bui is a Vietnamese-American family physician working at Little Saigon General Hospital. Tien originally lived in with her extended family in the rich suburbs of Fountain Valley. Her parents enforced a strict household throughout Tien's life dictating who she is and who she will become. Tien graduated summa cum laude in UC Irvine, but after gaining a lucrative job offer in Little Asia Tien moved out of her family's home without saying a proper goodbye.

Tien was free, but after living alone for the first time she discovered she doesn't have the emotional tools to live her life freely. Her upbringing stripped her sense of freedom and creativity, and so Tien's work life dominated over her free time. After months of work, her monotonous cycle broke after hearing about the "Blue Tiger" vigilante on the news.


The "Blue Tiger" reminded Tien of a hero girl anime series she loved to watch as a kid before her family blocked the cartoon channel. Tien was inspired to make something of herself. After work, she becomes the notorious "Yellow Snake" leaving triad foot soldiers knocked out and paralyzed. Nina and her friends crossed paths with Tien during one of their missions. They requested Tien to team up, which Tien gleefully accepts.

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